Exchange Tip: Double quotation marks

MS support requested to modify the time limit of a cross-forest AutoDiscover operation via the RecipientResolutionTimeoutInSeconds property (KB928812). Just adding the following line into Web.config was needed:

1- 3- 2014 12-27-28The line added and the availability service destroyed (affected OoO, free/busy, Autodiscover).

It was caused by an invalid form of double quotation marks (despite copy/paste through notepad).

Bear in mind to update config files carefully and double check related syntax. Use only supported double quotation marks " and omit  ” ‟ “ ″ .

One thought on “Exchange Tip: Double quotation marks

  1. Tnx Filip!
    Do you know if this settings can also be changed on an Exchange 2013 server? I only find articles regarding Exchange 2007/2010

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